Saturday, July 12, 2008

Google Apps, iGoogle and Facebook

I've added Google Apps to my domain. I had already started handing pieces of my domain to Google when I started letting them host my blog. At the same time, I'm starting to take pieces back. More on that later...

I started playing with the Open Social API today. Really simple thing -- I realized that I wanted to put some basic, static HTML in a box on both my Facebook page and to my iGoogle page. So, it took me about an hour to create an XML container application that would work within Google's open-social specification.

Facebook's developer framework is far more complex, but - thankfully - there's an application for Facebook called "Open Gadget" that allows me to wrap my Open Social xml format into an application format for facebook. It's not perfect (it makes the user click to "activate the gadget"), but it does what I want it to do.


Second -- I have decided to "proxy" my own blog, locally. I'm doing this because my friends in China are not able to see my blog. So, if you are not already reading this through my proxy page, try it out...


  1. Vahl here.

    I was thinking about switching over to Wordpress Mu for the dailyskew blogs ... is there a reason why you chose not to go in that direction? What do you think of Wordpress Mu?

    I'm also curious as to the reason for adding Google apps directly to your blog ... will you be sharing docs and spreadsheets via your blog? Something else?

    It's probably over my head.

  2. Mostly I integrated google-apps so that I could more easily manage Email to my domain.