Saturday, October 25, 2008

Driving Aircraft (part 2) [Updated]

Some of you may remember a previous post in a similar style. I saw this on Oct 22, but I didn't get a chance to post these until today...

I spotted it up ahead, and grabbed my camera. It's just an unusual thing to see...

I was traveling across the Minnesota River's Bloomington Ferry Bridge, and decided to take pictures while I could. He was going pretty slow.

Clearly, I was driving, and not taking great photographs, but I was doing the best I could.

For those who like to look up such things, I got a good shot of the tail number.

Well, that was my morning.

Looks like an unlucky Piper...


  1. Got the same record from net:
    Registration: N4349K. C/n / msn: 28-8416067. Fatalities: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants:. Airplane damage: Substantial. Location: Minneapolis, MN

    May this can fly again...

    PS: Got to know there's gonna be an aviation show at Zhuhai(southern China) from Nov 4th. I'm surely lack of time and money to watch it. So, some preview shot to repay myself Here.

  2. What are the odds of spotting two aircraft getting towed on the highway? Are there a lot of crashes in Minnesota for some reason? Wind sheer?

  3. That plane is owned by the FBO that I rent from, Thunderbird Aviation at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie. Dude landed at night, got dazzled by the lights or something, and hit the ILS equipment on final approach to Airlake Airport in Lakeville, MN. The plane is reassembled and sitting at Tbird right now. They told me they were going to use it for parts.