Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday's Day Trip

I couldn't have asked for better weather. Sure, it's Minnesota and it's getting cool, but there was barely a cloud in the sky...

Darwin and Ray are some co-workers who are in town for a month, and this is their last full weekend in Minnesota. I had offered earlier to take them to see Lake Superior. Darwin, in particular, had mentioned how much he wanted to see the great lakes... so I figured I'd do the best I could, and show him the big one that's only a few hours drive from here.

I drove north on I-35, through Duluth first, and kept driving to Two Harbors. I have always been fond of the view of the lake-shore and the vastness of the lake that can be seen from there.
From Oct 4-Superior

We hung out along the rocky shore, ate lunch in Two Harbors at the Black Woods Bar & Grill, then we drove back into Duluth.

I took skyline drive from the north, along 7 bridge road. We stopped for a few minutes at the seventh bridge to take photos of Amity Creek and the surroundings. We stopped for a few minutes at hawk ridge. Then we went to Enger Tower.

After an hour at Enger tower, we headed to Canal Park to walk around, and get a closer look at the bridge.

Have fun looking around the photos I took on Saturday.


  1. haha, your are a fabulous tour guide and a serious blogger, too. :)

    Like you said, it's the going out with good friends make us happy, but besides that, the sceneray around Superior is really fascinating, and I'll never forget the experience there~ :P

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to venture outside of New York. oh NOOOO! :)

  3. Excellent photos! Great stuff, Gary!