Saturday, March 19, 2011

The World vs America: Why the USA is Easy to Hate

Because of the places I've worked, and the jobs I have had while at those places, I've been able to travel to other countries.  While in these places, I've had countless hours of conversations with people from those places, most of whom have never traveled outside of their own countries.  These conversations, frequently, are about America.

Today's blog started with me reading something that someone in the UK posted online after a rock concert.  'The band mentioned that they'd just returned from a 7 week tour of the USA. That was met will a wall of boos, and shouts of "fuck the USA" and "America sucks".' 

Since I've discussed these opinions so often with people who have never been here, and I thought it would be something that would make a good blog post.  So, sorry for the long setup.  Here goes.