Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google+ or Not

Thanks for the invites.  I have a small collection now.

I can't use Google+, and here's why.

I use Google Apps for Domains.  This allows me to do all sorts of things with  However, Google hasn't opened Google+ up for domains accounts yet.

I /could/ use a Google account that isn't already associated with my domains account.  However, with a domains account, Google tracks my login across the browser, which means to use a different Google account, I either have to use a different browser for the other account, or I would have to log out of all Google services first.

Which is great, I could totally do that.  Until, one unexpected day, Google allows plus into the domain accounts.  At that point, I would end up having to transition all of my circles, and re-introduce myself to people who already had me in a circle.  I still have people e-mailing me at my old e-mail address(six years later), so I doubt I would actually be updated in the right circles.

So, thanks for the invites.  I'm sure it's great there, but Google doesn't want me on that service right now.


  1. Actually you would be better off staying far away... It's nothing special except a way for them to fragment where all my friends are.... I hope it dies :)

  2. No Worries. I'm not on either nor do I have a desire to add another social connection to my list. Not until it reinvents the way we all share, connect and socialize over the world net. :)

  3. I'm in the same space and it is irritating as hell. Supposedly it will come soon, but it doesn't prevent me from wanting to kick someone.

  4. @TheBernsteins -- I can't say I haven't played with it from an account that I don't want to use socially... Frankly, I generally like the interface, but not the growing pains it's experiencing now.
    @DavidJus1Mo -- Reinvention is easy. Everything re-invents the same wheels. What will make people switch or not, is other people choosing to switch, or not.

  5. @MatthewUnger, plus one to that, buddy.

  6. Dave Girouard, the Apps VP at Google said yesterday 5:03 PM to Public:

    Yes, Google+ is on its way to Google Apps users - it's a matter of days!