Sunday, February 1, 2015

Manhattan Flagship Stores Are Not For Me

Manhattan shopping.  In the story below, I'm NOT saying the brand or the name of the store.  I don't want to throw rage at one tiny example of something that exists throughout Manhattan, especially at the brand-name stores that call themselves A Flagship Store.
There are multiple stores in Manhattan that are not externally identified as Flagship but are.  They are usually identified by the area of the city.  I didn't realize that that area of downtown was a Flagship area.

Flagship : n.  :  the finest, largest, or most important one of a chain of stores

That's the book definition.  However, what it has come to mean, it my experience is that this is the version of a store that is meant to be 100% camera ready all of the time.  In New York's flagship areas, this also means that only the trendiest representations for that brand will be present, and that a limited size selection will be available.

Some entire brands, of course, are like this.  Abercrombie and Fitch has long been infamous for their brand exclusiveness in this area.  I've never stepped foot into one, because I have never been their target demographic (even when I was a teenager).

At least the guy in my story below let me know that I had accidentally stepped into a Flagship store.  Now I know to steer clear of that area for anything where I might want to spend money.  The way he told me, though, rubbed me the wrong way.  Here's my story: