A few times in the last few months, I've thought to actually go out of my way and click on a Web Ad. In every case, the web ad was non-traditional and insisted on doing something which got it blocked. Seems that web ads would be much more successful if they didn't demand dumb user behavior...

Middle Click

In all latest version graphical web browsers, a middle button mouse click is available to open the link in a new tab. On the ads I've been interested in, Middle-click is either unresponsive or gets the "flash engine" to attempt to open a pop-up. If I'm interested in clicking an ad, then it should behave like any other link. If it doesn't I'm likely to give up just that quickly.

Goodbye to Revenue

In at least one of these cases, I was interested enough in what the ad was telling me, that I used a search engine to find the site, and loaded it into a separate tab. This means that the site I was using did not get the revenue for a click-through. Too bad for the web site... free advertising for the political candidate that I looked up anyway.