What is CHAIR?

CHAIR is an offset platform for programming, which is specifically made to support a programmer's approach to offset horizontal surface interfacing to tables. It does not qualify as a fully integrated development environment, but instead is a purpose built platform for supporting a programmer without getting in the way of what the programmer does best! As a programming platform CHAIR is already proven to lead to greatly reduced project timelines when compared to similar projects done without the CHAIR Platform.


The CHAIR Programming Platform is an efficiency producing integration tool with countless uses, but here are a few examples-from the floor; surface computing, table integration, workstation interfacing, includes a simple counter interface capability. Chair 3.0 includes the new roll-out feature, which assists programmers in efficiently interfacing a with multiple related tables, especially useful in L.A.B. or Cubical programming environments.


CHAIR Programming Platform is supported by a wide array of service providers throughout the world, including; Suelo throughout most of South America, étage in France, Piano in Italy, Põrand for North East European platforms, based in tech savvy Estonia. We offer support through central Eurasia by пол based in Russia. In Asia we also have support by the popular Pharsha (फर्श) Corporation of India, and even the popular Chinese platform provider 地板 ( dì bǎn ). However, it is primarily supported throughout UK, Australia, US and Canada (though, étage support is also availble in Canada) by Floor.