It's raining in St. Paul today.  I had an overnight guest, family of a friend*, who was planning to get into work early, and didn't quite make it in early.   To put it lightly, my overnight guest had a really bad morning.  I got up just in time to see her off, and decided to make some eggs as she left.  I just finished making breakfast when I got the phone call...

She got about 1 block from my place, and realized the right rear tire was completely flat.  7:30AM, wolf down eggs, throw on some clothes that can get wet, and head down.  There's a homeless guy being extremely helpful when I arrive, and I jump in to make sure everything is going O.K.  He takes off (I think she gave him some cash, but I'm not sure).  Anyway, the little tiny donut spare is on, and she asks if it'll make the drive home after work (a two hour drive).  I let her know that it MIGHT make it, but the little tire isn't made to go that far at all.

We bring her car back to my place, and I insisted that she take my car for the day.  Then I drove hers over to the local car shop to get the tire patched.

I went home, took a shower, and sent out updates to the people that need them.  Then I got to work by 9AM.

Today is getting better, but I'm really tired out.  I have to leave here around 2:30 to go get her car back, and make sure it's ready for her to go home in.

* I try to keep these a little bit anonymous  ;-)