Big day at work today. Looks like a lot of things are changing all at once. The biggest thing about this, for me, is that I'm going to be working with a larger team.

My job title is Technical Team Leader, but up to now, I've been dealing primarily with projects. During this project work, I've had between 1 and 5 people who are working on those projects. The guy I work for directly managed the people, while I just gave technical direction (leadership?) on the projects.

However, as of now, I have a team; six people. Four of them have been working on projects with me for the last few months, one was put on a new project I got about a week ago, and the sixth was added today.

As part of this change, I was asked to create formal weekly meetings with the team members as well. I've been going through most of the tasks of management anyway, but this change makes it feel much more official. Hopefully, it will also be easier for my team as well, no longer unsure about which of us to bring specific issues to.

It also means that I am directly responsible, not jointly responsible for these things going wrong. I think I can deal with this, but it's another big change in a very short span.