I just got off the phone with my girlfriend, J.  It was one of those marathon chats that go on and on, but we didn't really say much.  It's Labor day today, so we chatted about that.  I mentioned that I saw a tree on Friday that had half it's leaves brown already.  Fall is closing in early.  She mentioned some of the things she is doing where she is.

We've been in a long distance relationship for some time, and these chats are the meat of what has kept our love alive.  Most people who would bother reading this already know that I have something that I'm deeply looking forward to.

This coming Friday, my girlfriend will move in with me.  This is something that I'm deeply excited about.  There are a few things that make me nervous about this, but mostly, I'm excited.

I still have things to do to prepare, and I have not done them yet.  I'll get to them soon.  Boxing up my summer clothes for storage is high on the importance list now that it's cold out.  I moved completely out of the "big" closet, into the small one (to make room for J), but there's only room for one season worth of clothes in the small closet.  I need to get some storage bins.

Instead, I'm blogging.  Enough of that!  I think I need to go see if Target is open today.  Later.