Went for a walk (more on that after the jump).  So, back in the hotel... watching TV.  There's an advertisement for a women's beauty product that seems to promise itself as a skin lightener.  I thought of this as crazy (even though Indian friends of mine have mentioned this before), so while writing this paragraph, I found a blog describing skin lightening products for men.  Of course, products that market to a 'better self-esteem' are popular everywhere, but ... from a Politically Correct US viewpoint, it seems very, very wrong to promote skin lightening.

About that walk.

I brought rubber shoe covers with me.  I also brought a rain resistant wind-breaker.  Turns out, it's not very rain resistant.  The shoe covers are wonderful though.  I would have ruined my shoes already if I hadn't been wearing the covers.

Took some pictures of some pigs near the hotel.  I don't think any of them came out though.  There's barbed wire, but the pigs walk in and out of the fence as if it weren't there.  They live in what looks like a garbage pile to me, but it must be a farm, given the barbed wire fence, and that there isn't anything for quite a way behind the fence.

I'm having a hard time getting my bearings, and I'm still pretty tired from the flights it took to get here.  I walked right, out of the hotel, and left down the next road, and the pigs are basically right there.  It was maybe a 5 minute walk to get there if it weren't raining.  I think I was out for about 30 minutes total.  During that time, three different guys in autocabs came asking me if I needed a ride.  Each of them suggesting destinations when I said no, I need to find the trick to get rid of these guys quicker.  Can't a foreigner just want to take a walk?  O.K., no, it's not actually that bad, just by the third guy in 7 minutes, each of them just as sure that I really do want a ride.

Anyway, I found a TV channel showing some US shows, so... I guess I'll watch more of that.  The commercials here are interesting though.