So, I have been in Bangalore now for five days, but something happened two days ago, that I was a bit surprised by...

I've eaten at several places since I've been here, though, only one place would I consider having what I'm guessing is actual Indian food.  Which is to say, I've mostly eaten at hotels, or foreign Restaurants.  My room rate, at the hotel I'm staying in, comes with free Breakfast, so that's the one meal I will always eat at the hotel.

Two days ago, there was a dish at the breakfast buffet.  Barbecue Beef.  I realized at that moment that it was the first time since I've been here since I've even seen the option of having beef. That is, I hadn't noticed it was missing, until I saw it, and it seemed out of place.

Naturally, I grabbed some. It wasn't very good.  I decided I'd stick with lamb and chicken for the rest of this trip. Turns out, I don't like beef in Bangalore.

I've since been told that the McDonald's here do not have beef as an option.  I'm curious enough that I want to see.