Admitting that the iPhone can no longer feature compete with the fast moving open source platform, Android, Apple Inc dusts off some patents that could be stretched to cover some Android features and starts filing lawsuits.

Gone are the days when Apple could just tell people to use their phone and the difference in quality would be obvious.  These days, even the new Windows phones are better than iPhones, so to try to save it's market share, Apple has decided to sue instead of compete.

O.K., slightly tongue-in-cheek, but I don't think this is completely off the mark.  For some real reporting on it, check out what The Register [0] had to say.

The person who happened to tell me about this, mentioned that it seemed oddly familiar [1] to a direction Apple took at another point when they could no longer compete with faster moving companies.

Of course, maybe Android is the great thief, it's not like Apple is the only one [2] suing over Android patent infringement. And Apple is only trying to stop imports of new devices, not retroactively destroy existing devices like Oracle wants to do.