Thanks for the invites.  I have a small collection now.

I can't use Google+, and here's why.

I use Google Apps for Domains.  This allows me to do all sorts of things with  However, Google hasn't opened Google+ up for domains accounts yet.

I /could/ use a Google account that isn't already associated with my domains account.  However, with a domains account, Google tracks my login across the browser, which means to use a different Google account, I either have to use a different browser for the other account, or I would have to log out of all Google services first.

Which is great, I could totally do that.  Until, one unexpected day, Google allows plus into the domain accounts.  At that point, I would end up having to transition all of my circles, and re-introduce myself to people who already had me in a circle.  I still have people e-mailing me at my old e-mail address(six years later), so I doubt I would actually be updated in the right circles.

So, thanks for the invites.  I'm sure it's great there, but Google doesn't want me on that service right now.