New York City - Midtown

On Tuesday morning, Jen and I were both in the office and something seemed strange.

If you've ever been in the upper floors of a tall building during sustained winds, you can feel the building swaying. It felt just like that.  Jen says, "Is the building moving?"  "Yes," as I realize that I shouldn't feel wind movement from the third floor.  Still not really sure what's going on, I say, "I wonder how bad this feels on the upper floors?"

Just after the swaying stops; Mark, sitting nearby, gets a phone call, "It's an earthquake... My son heard it on Twitter."  I hit Google's news service, and nothing yet.  Then I hit Twitter myself.  Yep, lots of buzz about an earthquake.  Someone posted a link to the USGS page for the event, 5.8-Preliminary in Virginia.  I posted a few tweets myself.  Back at Google, and I see the news stories posting.  At about 15 minutes later, the security coordinator comes on the building PA, saying that everything was fine (I think most people had assumed that).

Jen said it felt like the swaying of a boat on water.  I sent a text to Anil in St. Paul, that the weather is so nice that the Earth was trying to rock us to sleep.

All that said, I hope everybody in Virginia, near where the quake was centered, made it through O.K.