I'm in a hotel in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom.  I'm in the UK on a four week business trip.  I have exactly one friend in Devon who is not from work, and I had plans to hang out with her, and meet her husband today.

I guess I should say that I had one friend in Devon who is not from work.

Jenn Gabriel-Powell had an accident yesterday, suffered a subdural hematoma, and never recovered. She was removed from life support and officially died today at 1:35PM, UK local time.

This is a personal loss for me, and is a devastating loss for her family.  My thoughts are with them, and I wish there were something I could do.

I am literally so close, and yet so very far away.

As posted by her husband, on Facebook:
On the death of my gorgeous wife Jennifer Gabriel-Powell I would like to express my gratitude to a truly astonishing array of people... the amazing emergency paramedics who got to Jenn within minutes; the two ladies of Westcountry Ambulance Services who took her to the hospital and asked later how she was; the emergency team at North Devon District Hospital who were so meticulous in what they did to diagnose her condition; the helicopter crew who shock hands with me and promised they would do every thing they could as they came to collect her to fly her to Plymouth; the unbelievable Pencarrow Neuro Ward team who attended to Jenn every single minute while comforting me as I collapsed a hundred times; to Lisa Murch for driving 70 miles to Plymouth just to offer support (all night long); and also to Heathrow Air Traffic Control who ACTUALLY singled out Deb Dickens Gabriel's plane as a priority landing to get her on her way as quick as possible; and especially to the police officers who brought her all the way from Heathrow to Plymouth with full blue lights and sirens at speeds I am not permitted to record here. God help anybody who tells me that the people we depend on in an emergency are not the best in the world.
I'm sad, and feeling very much alone at the loss of my friend, because I am so far from my own home, and my own support structure.