Locker room talk, no it isn't necessarily a locker room.  In any place where one is surrounded by only peers, language and boasts can be sometimes be observed.  The braggadocio is always trying to make themselves seem better.

In the context of sexual liaisons here are some samples of things I have heard:
  • She was all over me
  • She couldn’t keep her hands off me
  • I leaned in to ask her something and she just started kissing me
  • She couldn’t resist me

That last one is important, because it is the one that comes closest to being the kind of “locker room banter” that Trump said.  Here's the difference, the context of the "she couldn’t resist me,” brag has always been attraction.  There's the brag about being smooth, saying those right words.  There are even the boasts that are about attraction to power.  Honestly, some of what Trump said on that tape could absolutely be in that context.  Except:
"I just kiss.  I don't even wait.  When you're a star, they let you do it. ... Grab em by the pussy.  You can do anything."
Outside of dramatic entertainment, I’ve never heard this type of brag in the context of power without attraction.  In the context of power alone, this describes assault.  It makes one criminal, not smooth.

I bother saying this because when the sports folks say "that shit never comes up," or "that's not something that's commonly said," I think something gets lost.  It wasn’t the foul language or even the boasting about sexual liaisons, it was the part where raw power is used to ignore preference.  Sports stars are usually near a reporter in the locker room (one of the quotes above was an interview in a locker room), so - no - that wouldn't likely come up.