I read this book in only two days, which is way shorter than I usually read, especially a book of 416 pages.  I generally only read on weekends, and usually only for a few hours at a time.  This book really had me hooked from start to finish.  I definitely lost sleep for reading.

Will Dando, a struggling New York musician, dreams up 108 predictions.  A line of information and a date for each.  He writes them down, but doesn't think much of them until he realizes that they are real.  At this point, he has to decide what to do with this information.  This starts the Oracle Year.

The author is Charles Soule.  He is an immigration attorney.  He's written Daredevil for the last few years, and famously wrote the Death of Wolverine before that.  Oracle Year is his first novel, and it's good enough that this is the first time I've decided to write a review on my own blog about it.  [ I don't use this blog enough, so maybe I should fill it with books. ]

This book has a lot of action, but it's smart.  We get to see the big picture as well as the up-close perspective from multiple characters.  This book navigates news and world events in a way that is very hard to pull off while keeping the story focused on the characters.

Anyway, I highly recommend the Oracle Year.

The Oracle Year
Adult Fantasy / Super-Hero
Harper Perennial
Released: 3 April 2018
Hardcover, 416 pages