This is a story about the journey that brings together Pug, who's searching for a new family, and Piggy, who's searching for a new friend.  That text is lifted almost directly from the piggyandpug web site, but it's a short book, so hard to not spoil anything...

This is a children's illustrated book, from Monolith Press, 32 pages.  I was at BookExpo at the end of last week, and I got an opportunity to flip through this book with the book's publicist, Susan, watching me intently for reaction.  I looked up and asked her about the illustrator.  She told me that Vipin Jacob is a Canadian who is greatly influenced by older Disney and Warner Brother's Motion Cartoon art.

It's Anne Wheaton's story, and it's good, but I have to take a few minutes here to compliment the artwork.  The artwork makes the book.  I noted that the framing (especially the use of blur) reminded me of the Don Bluth years of Disney movies.  It really makes the pages feel like they are ready to move, like the whole book is ready to be an animated short.  Check out either of the links on this page (the first to see some samples FROM the book, the second to check out Vipin's Pinterest page).  I want to see this artist everywhere.

Piggy and Pug
Children / Illustrated
Monolith Press
Released: 20 December 2017
Hardcover, 32 pages