The company I work(ed) for has been planning a division sell-off for most of the year.  Weeks after that division spin-off into Private Equity, I was notified that my last day will be 29 October.  The last time I was laid-off, it was similarly driven by a corporate action.  Upper management had been talking about a flatter organization, and cutting out management levels, so I was well prepared mentally.  I actually expected that I would take it much worse than I did.

I have about 15 years of management experience in IT and Software, so the first phase of my looking for a job will be to try to find a Software Manager position (since this is my longest, most relevant, and most recent experience).  If that doesn't go well, I'll open up to IT management roles as well.

Anyway, if you know me and you know of an opening that I might be good at, feel free to send me a note.

I suspect this may mean less book reviews (though I currently have reviews written through 12 December).  This summer I reviewed a bunch of books, and then dropped to every other week to help stretch out the fact that I've slowed down my reading a lot as fall hit...