This is book one of a three book series (the third book came out earlier this month), and since I've already had good reviews of two other books by this author, I decided to pick up this series as well to see what she had done outside of the Star Wars universe.

Book cover
Through a ring of stabilized wormholes, large enough for whole ships to pass through, Earth expanded to five other planets.  Over many years, one of those planets, Genesis, decided that the leadership of Earth would use up their planet as they have used up their own, and through great cost, they waged a war to gain their independence.

Thirty years after this war was thought to be won, Earth has started sending new regiments through the gateway, and Genesis isn't ready.  This is where the book begins as we join Noemi, one of the fighters of Genesis, training for a suicide mission.

From the very beginning of the book, the characters are alive with backstory.  I read this book in under a week, despite having a pretty terrible cold.  There is a deep thread here on the difference between intelligent machine and sentient beings.  I want to clarify that nothing about this series feels like the Star Wars universe.  It's a lot more grounded and there aren't sentient alien creatures.  I am really looking forward to book 2, Defy the World.

I recommend this book.  There is violence and injuries, but no gore.  Some romance, but only mentions of sex.  There is little politics, and a little more mention of religion, but overall, the only reason to skip it is if you really aren't a science-fiction person.

Defy The Stars
Science-Fiction, Young-Adult
Little, Brown and Company imprint of Hachette Group
Released: 4 April 2017
Hardcover, 512 pages