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This is the final book of the Defy the Stars trilogy (start with reviews of book one and two).  There are probably mild spoilers for the first and one major spoiler for the second book in this review of book three, so please proceed with that in mind.

As I wrote in my review of Defy the Worlds, I do not recommend diving into this book without reading the previous two first.  While this book could stand alone, it does not include as much exposition about the previous events as I'm used to (in other serial novels).  Also, to be honest, the other books were great, and it would be a shame to skip them just to get to the end.

This book starts with Noemi fatally injured, and in a stasis chamber to keep her alive while Abel makes a plan to save her life, but trading his own in the process.  This self-sacrificing cross-plan is a trope, even within these novels, but I cannot pretend that real people don't often repeat the same patterns.  It was, however, the one painfully predictable point in an otherwise great story arc.

Meanwhile, in retaliation against Earth, some of the leadership of Genesis have hatched a secret plan to defeat Earth once and for-all, but one of the members of this plan commits treason and reveals the plan to...  Not going to spoil that bit.  Finally, there was one technical hurdle that was described in some depth during book 2 about how tricky it is to land on Haven.  That was, well, completely ignored (or forgotten) in book 3, and that also bothered me.

I liked this book the least of the three, but I still enjoyed it a lot.  Overall, this is the ending that the series needs, and I liked a lot more about it than my two nit-picks.  That is, I recommend the whole series.

Defy The Fates
Science Fiction, Young-Adult
Little, Brown and Company imprint of Hachette Group
Released: 2 April 2019
Hardcover, 480 pages