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This is a children's (6 to 10 years) book about leadership, the subtitle is Leadership With Elsa.  While recapping the story of Disney's Frozen, it is a combination of pointing out leadership traits within the story, and pop-up video style call-outs to movie related facts.  Because this is an educational title riding on top of the fictional story of Frozen, it is categorized as a non-fiction book.

Even trying to keep in mind the young audience that this book is for, I felt that the book was very light on leadership itself, and was much better at other real-life tie-ins.  For example, one pop-up suggests that the animators learned a lot about meteorology for the movie.  Another pop-up describes the career choice of "Doctor" (in relation to a healer Troll).  There is a very short glossary on the back page which includes; Architect, Candidate, Confidence, Coronation, Kingdom, Meteorology and National Park (only one of these being a leadership related trait).

So, while I don't recommend this book specifically for leadership information, I genuinely enjoy the story, illustrations and pop-up facts that go along with it.  It is also difficult to read out loud, because to read the pop-up information, you have to temporarily drop the narrative.  There's not an obvious place to pause and read the extra word-bubble.

Get this if you want a Frozen book for a Frozen-obsessed kid, and you want it to offer more than a recap the story: That is the sweet spot for this book.  Skip it if you don't have a Frozen obsessed kid, or if you have a kid who is actually interested in leadership.

How To Be A Snow Queen: Leadership With Elsa
Lerner Publications
Released: 1 January 2019
Hardcover, 32 pages

Despite being full-color illustrated, there is no mention of an illustrator or colorist (and I did look).