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Elizabeth Warren is running for president, and pretty much every candidate writes a book prior to running.   It's a good way to let folks know where they are coming from, and do so in a long format, unfiltered by the journalist's desire to pare things down into sound-bites.

This book is subtitled: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class.  This is a book about politics, personal history of the author and the economic history of the country along with ample explanation of why the past matters today.  This book does not shy away from discussing racial economic disparity. Though, I definitely feel it could have gone much deeper into those subjects (as I don't think that past is well understood by most).

Overall, this is about the author trying to sell us her plan for the future, and it lays out a good narrative that moves between individual voters that the author has talked to, and how the economic changes of the past have directly affected those people.  This is then followed up with political policy statements.  Often, this is re-instating protections that have eroded in the last 50 years, but with modifications that acknowledge racial and gender disparities of those past policies.

Personally, I have found this book to be quite compelling, and to my mind, Elizabeth Warren is the front-runner.  That said, this is mostly because she has actually put in the time to make actual policy statements, and directly talk about the plans that she would support.  Most other candidates aren't to that point yet (and some may never get there).  She's done her homework, and is serious.

Recommended: assuming you can deal with some politics.  There are enough personal touch-points in here to keep my attention (which is rare with a political book).  Skip it if you just don't have the emotional bandwidth for this sort of thing.  There are certainly many things pointed out about the current state of this country that had me feeling quite angry, and I totally get that not everyone can handle reading a deep dive on all the things that have gone awry on our way to this point.

This Fight is Our Fight
Politics and Sociology
Picador imprint of Macmillan Publishers
Released: 29 May 2018
Softcover, 368 pages