For over a year, I have published a book review every other week, on Wednesday, at noon.  Every week in the middle of both summers.

Reading for review

My wife is a librarian, and when I started this blog, it was partly a way for me to share something about the numerous pre-release books that she and I would get when we went to book events.  Also, when I started, doing this was fun, and I figured that if I were any good at it, maybe I would reach other readers.  That maybe someone might reach out to talk about a book I reviewed that we both read.

However, in the last year, my wife has only gone to one book event.  I've covered some classics, and even purchased a few books for review purposes.  I've heard directly from exactly one reader, one time, so it mostly feels like I'm typing into the void at this point.  That means that this is no longer fun.  I realize that reading with the knowledge that I'll be writing a review, has become a chore.


Each post gets up to 19 readers.  Typical, though, is much closer to 8.  I don't even know if the (as little as 3) readers are regular readers, or just folks who stumble onto the blog through search, looking for information about a book I reviewed.

My style of review does not lend itself to Amazon/Goodreads (where I can just add my stars to the pile).  I try to pull out the things that might make a book worth reading, and the reasons someone might want to skip a book.  To me, this is the type of review I like to read and find most useful.

That's the rule of creative work anyway, right?  Create the thing you wish existed.


I will still write reviews, but they won't be regular.  As far as my thoughts are today, I have already written and scheduled a review for late January for a book that is releasing in February (2020).

To those few of you who have come along with me on this journey, thank you.